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Saint-Joseph University

Damascus Road
BP 17-5208 Mar Mikhaël
Beirut 1104-2020

P: +961 (1) 421 000
F: +961 (1) 421 005

Saint Joseph University is

• A private university founded in 1875. The Lebanese state officially recognizes the university and the diplomas it grants in accord with the law organizing higher education in Lebanon.

• A member of the Association of Arab Universities, the International Association of Universities, the Association of French speaking universities (AUPELF) the International Federation of Catholic Universities, the European Federation of Catholic Universities, the Association of Jesuit Institutions of Higher Learning in Europe and Lebanon and the Euro-Med University (Téthys).

Linked to over one hundred universities -- Arab, European, American and Canadian -- by accords for cooperation.

• The permanent seat of the Association of Arab Dental Schools, hosted by the Faculty of Dentistry at USJ.

• The permanent seat of the Arab Association of National Institutes for Physiotherapy, hosted by the Institute of Physiotherapy at USJ.


Over 1,880 professors of various rank;
Over 500 employees and workers in general services and laboratories;
11,000 students.


Dormitory for women students and another for men
Office for receiving and directing students
Office for Social Services and Student Aid
Office for Psychological Services for Students
Bureau for Sports Activities
Office for Publication and Information
Off campus program: University for All.

Offers Medical Services

• University hospital : Hotel Dieu of France
• University Center for Family and Social Medicine with a special clinic for youth.
• Clinic attached to Center for Dental Research and Care attached to the Faculty of Dentistry
• Mobile center for Psychological Diagnosis and Care
• Center for Diagnosis and Care attached to the Higher Institute for Orthophony


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