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Saint-Joseph University

Damascus Road
BP 17-5208 Mar Mikhaël
Beirut 1104-2020

P: +961 (1) 421 000
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Research Council

E-mail : vr-recherche@usj.edu.lb

Established in June 1995, USJ’s research Council is composed of the Rector, Vice-president for research, Vice-president for administration, Vice-president for academic affairs, Secretary General, Coordinators for scientific research Board (SRB) and the delegates elected by each institution. It is chaired by the Rector and holds at least two meetings a year. Its role is to approve or modify the research projects submitted. It decides about the amount of grants to offer for projects approved during its meetings. Only the five representatives of the university’s administration and the four SRB’s coordinators attend the meetings held twice a year in fall and spring.

Vice-president for research
Pr. Georges AOUN

Coordinator of Research projects :

Administrative assistant
Ms. Soha DAOU

The mission of the Research Council is to support USJ’s objective of research by assisting researchers in applying for research funding and to administrate research grants.


The principal investigator must fill out the proposal “projet de recherche 050F” for a research project or “Recheche doctorale 050F2” for a doctoral thesis. Proposal must be approved by the dean and presented in 10 copies to the Research council delegate, throughout the year. The delegate passes the proposal to the campuses Scientific Research Boards (SRB) that meet regularly to select projects to be submitted to the Research Council.


The investigator submitting a project to the research council receives by e-mail the minutes of the meeting and thereby the decision regarding his research project.

Grant administration

Concerning the invoice payments: the application “A payer par le conseil de la recherche – 010F2 » must be filled out, approved by the dean, and the invoice to be paid must be signed by the principal investigator and attached to the application. (P.S. the code of the accepted project must be imperatively mentioned when the application is presented to the research council).

For settlement of services provided by staff : the person to be paid, and after the agreement of the principal investigator, must :

  1. Supply copy of his ID if he is single or familial civil status if married, divorcee or widow.
  2. Fill out the bank transfer application.
  3. Fill out the ministry of Finance’s R4 Form.

Grants follow up and close out

“Rapport d’activité 050F3” must be completed and signed by the principal investigator and be sent every six months to the Research council. If the report is not sent the research grant will be suspended.


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