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Saint-Joseph University

Damascus Road
BP 17-5208 Mar Mikhaël
Beirut 1104-2020

P: +961 (1) 421 000
F: +961 (1) 421 005

Cultural activities

USJ plays an important role in Lebanese cultural life. All through the academic year, it offers numerous cultural activities of interest to society as a whole.
These activities are generally open to the public and most are free of charge. They take place on the campus, in the amphitheatres, theaters and church.

USJ also organizes several scientific activities on the campuses: international conferences, scientific, cultural and political exchanges with experts.

Spectacles, Concerts and Recitals

At USJ the stages of the Pierre Y. Aboukhater Amphitheater, and the Monnot and Béryte theaters as well as St. Joseph Church are host to many artists.
Arabic music, classical music, French songs, jazz, etc. Something  for all tastes.

Monnot and Béryte Theaters
The Monnot and Béryte theaters host theatrical and dance troupes from all over the world. These plays, in Arabic and in French, are presented in the framework of partnership or for festivals and tours.
Many Lebanese artists have presented their creations.
Béryte theater hosts every week the Film Club of USJ.

For the programs of Monnot Theater see www.usj.edu.lb/monnot
For the programs of Béryte Theater see www.usj.edu.lb/beryte

Museum and Expositions

USJ organizes regularly photo and painting exhibits as well as expositions on archaeology, history, Lebanese culture, geography, arts, etc.
The Museum of Pre-history was inaugurated in 2000. It contains a unique collection of Lebanese pre-history and archaeology.
WebSite www.mpl.usj.edu.lb

Current Cultural Events

In order not to miss any activities, consult the section “Actualités” on the University home page on internet.
To receive e-mail twice a month, the “Courrier de l’USJ” that announces all the activities of USJ, sign up at the internet site www.usj.edu.lb/courrier

Optional courses and cultural enrichment

The useful  and the agreeable Culture at USJ is not merely for entertainment.
In the framework of the institutes offering formation, the student can sign up for rapid formation or session in some fields that interest him, for example, language courses at CEL (Centre d’études des langues vivantes, or introductory courses to certain disciplines in the framework of UTP (Université pour tous). There are courses in current politics, archaeology, history of civilizations, architecture and urban integration, interior decoration, culture and faith, design, law, economics, history of art, literature, music, mysticism and religion, painting, philosophy, psychology, education, health, etc.
This is not all. The student also has occasion to develop his cultural potential by choosing among the open optional subjects on a variety of themes.

Here are a few examples:  acoustics (ESIB),/Voluntary work and citizenship/ Table decoration (IGE)/ Martial arts (IESAV)/ Writing for cinema and stage (IESAV)/ Bible and Quran (IEIC)/ History of Art (IGE)/ Business English (FGM)/ Maps and environment (FLSH)/ Western chant (IESAV)/ Oriental chant (IESAV)/ Events in historic context (FLSH)/ Costumes (FLSH)/ Popular Lebanese culture (FLSH)/ Labor law (FDSP)/ E-tourism (FLSH)/ Endocrinology …

List of open optional subjects (french)

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