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Webinar Negotiation Roadmap to a Better Deal- Scotwork Middle East
Tuesday October 26, 2021
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Centre de Formation Professionnelle

Negotiation skills are important both in the workplace as well as in personal life. In the workplace, they help you achieve long-term career success, boost productivity & reduce workplace conflicts. In your personal life, they boost your creative & reasoning abilities, make it more difficult for people to take advantage of you & make you a better strategizer.

Given the importance of negotiation skills, the Professional Training Center of Saint Joseph University of Beirut and Scotwork Middle East launched on Tuesday October 26, 2021 (Beirut time) the “Negotiation roadmap to a better deal”, a free live webinar on Zoom platform.

Scotwork have grown into world-class negotiation specialists, operating in 120 countries and 29 languages. Attending the webinar will lead you to identify:

  • The different ways to resolve conflicts.

  • The importance of asking questions.

  • The power of listening.


Negotiation Roadmap to a Better Deal- Scotwork Middle East
Contact :

Tél : 01 421 152 /01 421 185
Courriel : cfp@usj.edu.lb
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