Euro-Mediterranean Master in Neuroscience and Biotechnology

Pour obtenir ce diplôme il faut d’abord avoir effectué un des parcours suivants

Crédit et Tarifs

A two years Master program in Neuroscience and Biotechnology (120 ECTS) Funded by the European TEMPUS program. International curriculum with identical core courses. Specialization tracks based on each partner expertise in fundamental or biomedical neurosciences. From cellular to integrative physiology and behavioural neuroscience. The semesters 1 and 2 will allow acquisition of general concepts. The semester 3 will propose 4 specialized tracks in basic or applied Neuroscience (Track 3: Medical neuroscience and Neuroimaging in Lebanon). The semester 4 will be entirely dedicated to practical training in an academic lab or a private company. Application to the PhD programs currently available in the consortium members institutions, or in any research institution worldwide. Bilingual cursus in English or French. Multiple diploma recognition obtained in association with Universities from Euro-Mediterranean countries (France, Italy, Spain, Egypt, Morocco and Lebanon). Accquiring high-level innovative and interdisciplinary training in Neuroscience. Conceiving and conducting individual projects in Neuroscience and Biotechnology. Developping connections and networking in Neuroscience across the Mediterranean.

Responsable pédagogique : Pr Jean TAMRAZ, MD, PhD, MBA

Nombre de semestres : au moins 4 semestres

Langue d'enseignement : Anglais

PrérequisBSc in Life Science or any equivalent in Biomedical Science, Clinician researcher or biomedical engineer