Master en hospitality management - option : gastronomie et style de vie libanais et méditerranéens

Sciences Sociales
Institut de gestion des entreprises 120 crédits ( USD/Crédit)

The Master of Hospitality Management, Lebanese and Mediterranean Gastronomy and Lifestyle is the first post graduate curriculum dedicated to Lebanese gastronomy and lifestyle studies. It aims at developing specialists with a thorough understanding of the Lebanese cuisine, pastry, culture and lifestyle. It also covers the interconnection between the Lebanese and Mediterranean cultures. Graduates of this degree will offer new perspectives in the development of Lebanese restaurant concepts, the management of Lebanese restaurant franchises, culinary travel and agritourism businesses.

Responsable pédagogique : Joseph CHÉHAB

Nombre de semestres : au moins 4 semestres

Langue d'enseignement : Anglais

Domaine(s)Hospitality Management
Prérequis Bachelor degree, all majors (candidates may be required to take preparatory courses in kitchen and a training in a restaurant)
Diplôme ouvert à tout détenteur d'un autre diplôme (quelle que soit la formation initiale)
Première annéeSemestre 1

UE obligatoires

Contemporary Lebanese and Mediterranean Art and Design

Contemporary Mixology

Corporate Finance and Financial Analysis

Gestion des ressources humaines | Human Resource Management

Managerial Accounting in the Hospitality Industry

Packaging and Merchandising in the Hospitality Industry

Sensorial Analysis in the Hospitality Industry

Strategic Food and Beverage Management

Strategic Marketing of Services

Sustainable Tourism and Destination Management

Semestre 2

UE obligatoires

Culinary Trends in Lebanese and Mediterranean Cuisine I

Distribution Management in the Hospitality Industry

Fundamentals of Food Culture and Culinary Evolution

Lebanese and Mediterranean Food Culture

Marketing and Selling Wines, Spirits and Cigars

Méthodologie de la recherche | Research Methodology

Project/Thesis - Part I

Traditional and Contemporary Lebanese Pastry Techniques I

Deuxième annéeSemestre 3

UE obligatoires

Culinary Trends in Lebanese and Mediterranean Cuisine II

Delivery Management

Food Blogging Environment in Lebanon and the Middle East

Project/Thesis - Part II

The Mediterranean Diet

Traditional and Contemporary Lebanese Pastry Techniques II

Traditional Lebanese and Mediterranean Architectures

Semestre 4

UE obligatoires

Food Design for Restaurants

Hospitality Management Simulation Exercises

Lebanese and Mediterranean Forestry, Agriculture and Landscaping

Project/Thesis - Part III

The Lebanese Diet

The Lebanese "Mune" and Various Preservation Techniques

The Lebanese Wine Trail