Antoine Lawandos

Assistant General Manager
Chief Information Officer at BLOM BANK S.A.L.

- Represents BLOM BANK S.A.L. on the board of Interbank Payment Network (IPN)
- Represents BLOM BANK S.A.L. at the ABL Committee for Organization, Standardization and Information Technology

Mr. Antoine LAWANDOS, born in 1963, started his career in 1986 by joining Istisharat, a leading software house, where he was quickly promoted to Head of Production Unit of Banking Software and where he acquired extensive experience in managing the development, implementation and integration of complex and mission-critical universal banking systems.
Also, he was one of the main contributors in building and exporting a well-known locally-developed core banking system (ICBS) to renowned banks in Europe and KSA, a pioneering step at that time.
Before joining BLOM BANK S.A.L., Mr. LAWANDOS had mainly serviced the banking sector since he held the position of the Systems Engineering Department Manager at IBM’s representative bureau in Lebanon and that of a Project Manager at MDSL - a core banking solutions integrator – for the implementation of a then renowned Irish core banking application (BankMaster).
In 1993, Mr. LAWANDOS joined BLOM BANK S.A.L. as the Project Director for leading the bank’s core banking application change and soon after, he became the Senior Manager of the Information Technology and Systems Development Department in 1995.
In 2006, Mr. LAWANDOS became BLOM BANK’s Chief Information Officer and in 2008, he was appointed Assistant General Manager of BLOM BANK S.A.L. in addition to being the bank’s Chief Information Officer where he has been accompanying the digitization of BLOM BANK S.A.L. products and services and the adoption of the omnichannel banking trend.
Mr. LAWANDOS holds a Master of Electrical and Electronics Engineering degree, with a concentration in Information Systems, from Université Saint-Jospeh’s School of Engineering – ESIB and has an extensive experience in leading mission-critical transformation and implementation initiatives in digital, core banking and financial services.
As a systems and solutions architect, Mr. LAWANDOS has a multi-national exposure to diverse banking markets and practices and has a proven expertise in aligning IT Strategies with business goals as well as in devising technology-driven innovative products and services.