Carole Alsharabati

Founding Partner of CME Offshore sal Director of the Political Science Institute at USJ

Carole Alsharabati is Founding Partner of CME Offshore s.a.l., a technology firm based in Beirut and Batroun. CME brought tens of millions of dollars to Lebanon and is now recognized as a key solution builder by top multinational and U.S. firms with more than seven registered U.S. patents in various industries.
Carole is also the Director of the Political Science Institute at Université Saint Joseph in Beirut where she teaches statistics, game theory, macroeconomics, political economy, conflict resolution, negotiation, and political communication. Her current research centers on refugees and migration.
Carole is Board Director at Siren Advisory Services, where she provides consulting on security sector reform, focusing on process automation and data analysis. In 2014, she participated in the creation and launching of an anti-Corruption whistleblowing NGO (Sakker El Dekkene).
Carole holds a PH.D. in Political Science from Claremont Graduate University with emphasis on international relations and quantitative methodology.