Submitting the application
The admission application is submitted at one of the following reception desks:

  • Campus of Humanities, Mathaf (CSH)
  • Campus of Medical Sciences, Mathaf (CSM)
  • Campus of Science and Technology, Mansourieh (CST)
  • Campus of Social Sciences, Monot Street (CSS)
  • Center for University Studies of Northern Lebanon, Ras Maska (CEULN)
  • Center for University Studies of Southern Lebanon, Bramieh (CEULS)
  • Center for University Studies of Zahle and the Bekaa, Hzerta (CEUZB)

Application dates
Applications can be deposited weekdays between 10 AM and 3:30 PM during the following periods:

  • Early admission:

Applications accepted from January 7th until February 6th
Results: 1st week of April
Deadline for confirmation: May 30th

  • Regular admission:

Applications accepted from June 1st until June 30th
Results: 1st week of August
Deadline for confirmation: September 4th

  • Late admission (groups A1, B, C, D for ETIB undergraduates)

Applications accepted from September 1st until September 11th
Results: issued daily as of September 4th
Deadline for confirmation: 6 working days post-result

Important notes

  • Confirmation is through payment of the first tuition installment
  • Paid confirmation installments are refunded ONLY in the event that the applicant does not receive the baccalaureate and/or the required level in the French proficiency test

General conditions of admission

  • The Lebanese Baccalaureate Certificate of Secondary Education or an equivalent certificate recognized by the Equivalence Committee for pre-university education in the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education – it is necessary for students to be eligible for university admission.
  • Obtaining the required level in the French proficiency test that is taken ahead of time, before the application dates.
    • Early admission: no conditions
    • Regular admission:
      • For Group A: must have at least gotten a B (the applicant must have obtained an A before enrolling at any program)
      • All others: no conditions
    • Late admission:
      • For students applying to the Faculty of Law and Political Science (FDSP) and the Beirut School of Translators and Interpreters (ETIB): must get an A.
      • All other programs: must get a B.

There are no French fluency prerequisites for students wishing to enter the Oriental Literature Institute (ILO) or the Institute of Islamic and Christian Studies (IEIC), regardless of the application date.

Applicants must have obtained an A on the French proficiency test before applying to any undergraduate program in any department.

Applicants who got a B can apply to different departments with the exception of the specializations that require an A and the Faculty of Law and Political Science. Those students must get an A before the end of their first undergraduate academic year by attending intensive proficiency classes during the first semester. In case of failure, they must attend the same classes during the second semester. Their last chance is the summer intensive classes.

Upon taking these classes, students would have validated 3 open elective credits.

  • Passing respective departments’ admission processes: selection upon application evaluation, competition, application evaluation, exams, tests, interviews, or simple application deposit.


Important notes

Students can apply for this test by heading to their school administrations or the USJ test department.

Conditions as to the documents needed in the application depending on type of Baccalaureate

  • Faculty of Pharmacy (FP) and Faculty of Medicine (FM)
    • Early admission: Scientific Baccalaureate
  • Higher Institute for Engineering in Beirut (ESIB) and the National Institute of Communication and Information (INCI)
    • Early admission:  Baccalaureate in General Sciences
    • Regular admission: Scientific Baccalaureate
  • Higher Institute for Agricultural Engineering for Mediterranean Countries (ESIA/ESIAM)
    • Early and regular admission: Scientific Baccalaureate
    • Late admission: Scientific or Economic Baccalaureate


Required documents

  • Passport photo
  • A photocopy of a recent certificate of individual civil status or a photocopy of the Lebanese identity card or a photocopy of a passport for foreign students (also present the original documents)
  • A photocopy of the Lebanese Baccalaureate certificate for those who already have it, or an equivalent degree certified by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education
  • School transcripts for the past 3 academic years, certified by the institution of origin
  • A summary of the grades of the past 3 academic years certified by the institution of origin, along with the attached form for early admission only
  • 2 recommendation letters written on the attached forms (sealed) for early admission only
  • A certified copy of previous higher education or university degrees, along with a certificate of equivalence certified by the Lebanese government
  • Application fee: 150,000 LBP, paid once for the 3 admission periods, non-refundable


Important notes

  • The ID presented by applicants upon applying for the first time definitively determines the personal information that will appear on the degrees and certificates issued by the University (name, surname, father’s name, date and place of birth, nationality), and so both in the provided French and Arabic spellings.
  • The spelling in a different language given by a student of his/her name, surname, father’s name, and nationality are definitive.
  • Female students are registered under their maiden names, and that is the name that will appear on their degrees.
  • To download the registration form, click here. (The University gives you the option to download them in PDF form.)