• Center for Arab Research and Studies (CREA)
  • Center for the Study and Research of Arabic Translation Studies and Terminology (CERTTA)
  • Louis Pouzet Center for the Study of Ancient and Medieval Civilizations (CLP)


  • University Observatory of Social and Economic Reality (OURSE)
  • Michel Henry Center for Phenomenology (CEMH)
  • Laboratory of Clinical and Cognitive Psychology (LPCC)
  • Laboratory of Cartography (LCAR)
  • Laboratory of Remote Sensing (LTDC)
  • Center for Studies on the Contemporary Arab World (CEMAM)

Religious studies

  • Center for the Study and Interpretation of Religious Phenomena (CEDIFR)
  • Center for Muslim-Christian Documentation and Research (CEDRIC)
  • Center for Research and Publication of the Christian Orient (CERPOC)

Social sciences

  • Center for Economic Research and Documentation (CEDREC)
  • Center for Law Studies of the Arab World (CEDROMA)
  • Center for Market and Distribution Studies in the Middle East (CEMADIMO)
  • Al Waleed bin Talal Center for Studies in the Arab World (CWBT)

Medical sciences

  • Laboratory of Biomechanics (LBIOM)
  • Laboratory of Cancer and Metabolism (LCM)
  • Laboratory of Histology and Pathological Anatomy (LHAP)
  • Laboratory of Regenerative Medicine and Inflammation (LMRI)
  • Research Laboratory in Surgical Sciences (LRSC)
  • Research Laboratory in Physiology and Physiopathology (LRPP)
  • Laboratory of Neuroscience (LNS)
  • Medical Genetics Unit (UGM)


  • Laboratory of Toxicology (LABTOX)
  • Laboratory of Molecular and Specialized Biochemistry (LBMS)
  • Laboratory of Microbiology Quality Control (LCQM)
  • Laboratory of Molecular Microbiology (LMBM)
  • Laboratory of Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacy, and Medicine Quality Control (LPP)
  • Rodolphe-Mérieux Laboratory (LRM)

Dentistry, Speech evaluation, and Physical therapy

  • Laboratory of Histology of Hard Tissue (LHTD)
  • Center for Speech Diagnosis and Evaluation (CSO)
  • Center for Psychomotor Diagnosis and Therapy (CDSP)

Center for Research and Analysis (CAR):

  • Research Unit: Technology and Nutritional Value (RU: TVA)
  • Laboratory of Macromolecular Structure and Interaction (LSIM)
  • Laboratory of Biotechnology (LB)
  • Laboratory for the Intensification of Agro-Industrial Processes (LIPAI)
  • Laboratory of Fermentation Processes (LPF)
  • Laboratory of Metrology and Isotope Fractionation (LMFI)
  • Laboratory of Mycology and Food Safety (LMSA)
  • Laboratory of Biophotonics and Ionizing Radiation (LBRI)
  • Research Unit: Environment, Functional Genomics, and Mathematical Studies (RU: EGFEM)
  • Laboratory of Drosophila Genetics and Microbial Virulence (LGDVM)
  • Laboratory of the Genomic Characterization of Plants (LCGP)
  • Laboratory of Hybrid Nanomaterial (LNH)
  • Laboratory of Emissions, Measurements, and Atmospheric Modeling (LEMMA)
  • Laboratory for the Study of Air Quality (LEQA)
  • Laboratory for the Sound Treatment of Hazardous Solid Waste (LTDSR)
  • Laboratory for Applied Mathematics (LMA)


  • Center for Computer Science, Modeling, and Information Technology (CIMTI)
  • Center for Electrical Industries and Telecommunications (CINET)
  • Lebanese Center for Construction Studies and Research (CLERC)
  • Regional Center for Water and the Environment (CREEN)