Equivalencies and validations at USJ

Click on the link below to consult the “equivalencies and validations at USJ” document that presents and explains the general principles for diplomas and trainings to be recognized by USJ – to be read in French.
Équivalences et validations à l’USJ

USJ Equivalence Committee
This Committee determines:

  • The recognition of university degrees obtained abroad, or years of university study abroad, when students want to continue their education at USJ
  • Recognition of university degrees obtained from another Lebanese university, or years of study at another Lebanese university, when students want to continue their education at USJ

The courses attended at a faculty or institute affiliated to USJ are taken into consideration when students wish to continue their studies at a different faculty or institute within the University.

The Equivalence Committee takes 2 types of decisions:

  • General decisions regarding equivalencies of degrees, years of study, or number of credits
  • Specific individual decisions that serve only one specific purpose under determined conditions, in addition to equivalence decisions, if necessary

In order to submit a case study, consult the international equivalence systems.
For more information, contact the USJ Rectorate or the Department of Information and Student Orientation.