Who are we?
The USJ Federation of Alumni Associations was founded on the 26th of January 2006 by the 27 A/D notice. This Federation replaces the USJ Alumni Association created on the 7th of July 1999 and brings together all the Alumni Associations both in Lebanon and abroad. The latter adhere to it and are represented at the General Assembly of the Federation by their respective presidents. The members of the different Associations must adhere only to their respective Associations, which will themselves have to adhere to the Federation.

The Federation is not a political grouping of Associations, rather a friendly grouping open to all beliefs and ideologies. It strives to:

  • Facilitate the rapprochement, exchanges, dialogue, cooperation, and synergy between alumni and their Associations in Lebanon and abroad;
  • Actively collaborate to achieve the mission of USJ;
  • Encourage and develop the creation of the Federation’s offices abroad;
  • Carry out collective activities at the family, moral, and scientific levels;
  • Offer specific high quality services to alumni through their respective Associations and the offices of the Federation abroad;
  • Foster links between alumni and students of the different faculties and institutions;
  • Promote all forms of contact between alumni and their respective Associations.


Executive Committee
Professor Choucri Sader President
Dr. Christian Makary Vice-President
Charbel Khalil Secretary General
Issam Hage Treasurer
Daisy Abboud Coordinator of Relations with Trade Unions and Orders
Professor Marie-Claire Antakly Coordinator of External Relations with USJ Alumni Associations Abroad
Carole Nehme Coordinator of Internal Relations with the Different USJ Alumni Associations