Hôtel-Dieu de France is a non-profit university hospital center managed by Saint-Joseph University. Ever since its foundation in 1923, it has never stopped offering the highest quality of care and training to its patients and students, respectively, even during the most difficult periods that Lebanon went through.

It is one of the largest hospitals in the country, boasting more than 1500 employees, 430 beds, and covering for various types of medical care. The hospital’s treatment departments and the regional prestige it acquired prove its professionalism, specialization, and the high performance of its staff who regularly attend training courses to ensure that they are always up to standard.

The hospital body includes over 100 physician assistants and 250 resident physicians from the USJ Faculty of Medicine, in addition to interns from the University’s institutions who help with hospital activities as they receive the best training in their respective fields of specialization.

In order to meet the new challenges of the rapidly developing healthcare world, the hospital adopted the HDF 2020 strategic plan in 2010. It is oriented around human resources, state-of-the-art medical care, fluidity, quality, optimization, ranking, and partnership. It also adopted the fleur de vie or flower of life approach, whose goal is to have all hospital stakeholders participate in the process of continuous improvement, all while remaining patient-centered.

Its mission:

  • Welcoming patients with respect and without discrimination
  • Providing patients with care and quality medical treatment
  • Welcoming and training interns and residents of the Faculty of Medicine in the major areas of specialization, as well as trainees from other institutions of the University
  • Participating in the advancement of medicine
  • Serving as a national and regional reference point
  • Partnering with the public health service in order to maintain an external public assistance consultation

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