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Established in

Established in June 1995, the USJ Council of Scientific Research consists of the Rector, the Vice-Rector for Scientific Research, the Vice-Rector of Administration, the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, the University Secretary-General, the coordinators of scientific research committees of each campus, and the delegates appointed by the Council in their respective Institutes. It is chaired by the Rector, and it meets at least twice a year. It decides upon the priority of proposed research projects and votes on the allocated budget. The Council meets in the presence of the five representatives of the Rectorate and the scientific committee coordinators in order to make the final decisions regarding project acceptance.


Positions of the Research Council [PDF]

Chair of the Research Council
R.F. Salim Daccache, S.J.

Vice-Rector for Scientific Research
Dolla Karam Sarkis

Administrative Coordinator
Soha Daou Possik

Humanities Campus

Jocelyne Adjizian Gerard

 Dr Nadine Abbas

 Delegates :

  Faculty of Literature and Humanities
  Jocelyne Adjizian Gerard

  Oriental Library
   Jocelyne Adjizian Gerard

 Faculty of Religious Studies
 Dr Souraya Bechealany

 Institute of Islamic and Christian Studies
Dr Souraya Bechealany

Higher Institute for Religious Studies
Dr Souraya Bechealany

Institute of Oriental Literature 
Dr  Nadine Abbas

Lebanese School for Social Training
Houwayda Matta Bou Ramia

Lebanese Institute of Educators
Youssef Abdul Sater

Faculty of Languages
Claude Chalhoub

Faculty of Educational Science
Yvette Mrad-Gharib

Institute of Theater, Audiovisual and Cinematographic Studies
Hratch Tokatlian

Center of Studies of the Modern Arab World
 Jocelyne Adjizian Gerard


Center for Research and Publications of the Christian Orient
Dr Souraya Bechealany


Campus of Medical Sciences

Dr Victor Jebara
Nayla Sarji


Faculty of Medicine
Dr Victor Jebara

Higher Institute for Public Health
Michèle Kosremelli-Asmar

Higher Institute for Speech Therapy
Edith Kouba Hreich

Faculty of Pharmacy
Nayla Sargi

Faculty of Dental Medicine
Dr. Amine El Zoghby

School of Midwifery
Assaad Kesrouani


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