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Speech and language therapy is a health profession that focuses on verbal and nonverbal disorders as well as other associated disorders in children and adults. These disorders affect speech and language as well as auditory, visual and cognitive functions including learning, orofacial functions, respiration, voice, swallowing, Eustachian tubal function and calculus.

Speech and language therapy requires knowledge in neurology, pediatrics, otolaryngology, phoniatrics, psychiatry, psychology, education and linguistics as well as a thorough training.

A diploma of speech and language therapy is delivered after completing 240 academic credits.

Since 2014, a Master in speech and language therapy is offered. Therefore, speech and language pathologists can complete their academic curriculum in practice and research.

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Telephone : 01/421640 ext. 6640
Email : fm.iso@usj.edu.lb

Institutes, schools and departments

• Center for Diagnostics and Research in Speech Therapy
• Center for Diagnostics and Research in Speech Therapy - Branch of South Lebanon

Program (Details In French) 2019 - 2020

• Diplôme d'orthophonie (Premier cycle)
• Master en orthophonie

Continuous training 2019 - 2020

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• Autisme, Thérapie d'Echange et de Développement- Initiation théorique
• Formation à la pratique des Thérapies d'Echange et de Développement