Rodolphe Mérieux Laboratory – Lebanon

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Epidemiology, infectious diseases 1- Molecular biology diagnostic tests: - quantitative HBV, quantitative HBC, HBC genotype, quantitative HIV-1, sexually transmitted pathogens (STD), - CMV, H1N1, coronavirus; Serotyping of pneumococci - Research of pyrogens 2- Observatory of pathogens - Reference service - Study of resistance to antibiotics 3- Tuberculosis diagnostic center: Cultures and identification and resistance of mycobacteria (P3) 4- Research fields: - Emerging respiratory viruses - Genetic support of resistance in bacteria in Lebanon - Intestinal microbiota, ulcerative necrotising enterocolitis of premature newborn and Crohn's disease.

Research Axes:
Axe : Center dedicated to the diagnosis and research of pathogens equipped with high-standard laboratories P2 and P3 - Ms Mariane Abi Fadel


Innovation and Sports Campus

Telephone : +961 (1) 421000 ext. 6685/6769