Higher Institute of Public Health

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ISSP is an institute attached to the Faculty of Medicine. It has four objectives; it aims to be:

  • A platform for dialogue and critical reflection among the various professionals involved in public health
  • A center of excellence for public health teaching, research, and intervention
  • A multidisciplinary and interprofessional working model that encourages collaboration and mutualization
  • A key recognized actor in the national discussion on public health issues.

 The ISSP aims to develop and transmit the knowledge needed to understand public health issues and to put in place adequate interventions that would allow for the development and improvement of the health status of populations at the national and regional levels.


Campus of Medical Sciences

Telephone : 01/421270 ext. 2270
Fax : 01/421027
Email : issp@usj.edu.lb

Program (Details In French) 2019 - 2020

• Master en Santé Publique - Environnement et santé
• Master en Santé Publique - Epidémiologie et biostatistiques
• Master en Santé Publique - Politiques et gestion de la santé
• .
• Diplôme Universitaire en Analyse de l'information de santé
• Diplôme Universitaire en codification de l'information de santé
• Diplôme Universitaire en qualité et accréditation des établissements de santé