Faculty of Religious Sciences

Established in

R.P. Marek CIEŚLIK s.j.

The Faculty of Religious Studies, which is composed of the IEIC, ISSR, and CEDRAC – institutes that each have their original vocation – offers specialized training in the study of religions. Its approach attempts to understand the religious situation in the world today, and so from the angles of the sacred, the mythical, and the cultural.


Campus of Human Sciences

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Email : fsr@usj.edu.lb

Institutes, schools and departments

• Institute of Muslim-Christian Studies
• Higher Institute of Religious Studies
• Arab Christian Documentation and Research Center
• Center for Muslim-Christian Documentation and Research
• Center for the Research and Publications of the Christian Orient
• Center for the Study and Interpretation of Religious Facts

Program (Details In French) 2019 - 2020

• Master en sciences religieuses
• Master en sciences religieuses - Theologica
• Doctorat en sciences religieuses
• Certificate of Study in the Historical and Religious Reality of the Middle East
• Diplôme D.U. en tourisme religieux
• DU Religions et médias - 30 crédits