USJ has various libraries on its campuses and university centers, of which 6 are specialized:

  • Library of Social Sciences
  • Library of Literature and Humanities
  • Library of Medical Sciences
  • Library of Science and Technology
  • Library of the Campus of Sports and Innovation
  • Oriental Library

In 1875, the Oriental Library, an intellectual, scientific, and historical oasis was founded by Jesuit scientists who have enriched it with their works since its inception. It holds hundreds of thousands of volumes on a series of topics such as Islam, history, archaeology, theology, jurisprudence, philosophy, philology, and Arabic literature, in addition to 1800 periodicals, 3500 rare manuscripts, and 40,000 photographs and postcards that date back to the early 20th century. It is also in possession of a complete collection dating back to the early Arabic press of the second half of the 19th century, as well as the largest collection of maps and designs of Lebanon and the Middle East.

University Public Library of the Phares Zoghbi Cultural Foundation
The Library contains over 60 thousand volumes of works related to law, political science, literature, and culture. It is considered to be a reference in a variety of subjects such as politics, philosophy, history, environment, and current issues. The Phares Zoghbi Cultural Foundation allows visitors to borrow its books.