USJ offers medical care to its students, professors, and staff, as well as to their families, in its various medical care centers. It also provides preventive medical visits.


Center for Psychomotor Diagnosis and Therapy
It trains the Psychomotor Rehabilitation Institute students and provides tests, diagnoses, and guidance. It also undertakes the psychomotor rehabilitation of people suffering from difficulties (delay in psychomotor development, difficulties in locating time and space, etc.).

The Center for Diagnosis and Therapy of the Higher Institute for Speech Therapy
It is a training site for students of the Higher Institute for Speech Therapy. This center provides diagnostic, rehabilitation, and guidance services to children and adults with difficulties in the development of oral and written language associated with a disability or stuttering, etc.

Dental Care Center
It is an applied clinical center for students of the Faculty of Dental Medicine. With more than 90 pieces of dental equipment spread across five halls, it provides treatment possibilities for all dental medicine specialties.

Jaw and Facial Imaging Center
It receives patients from inside and outside the Faculty of Dental Medicine, offering advanced services that effectively contribute to doctors’ diagnoses of different cases, especially through radiography: it provides two and three-dimensional surface imaging (cone beam or CBCT), in addition to intra-oral digital radiography, panoramic radiography, etc.