The USJ Administrative Office in Paris was established in March 1981. As a result of its growing activities, it was incorporated into the French Law of Associations governed by Act No. 1901 as of the 5th of September 1985.

This association aims to encourage all that will help the different USJ institutions promote the University’s educational and cultural message.

Director: Gassia Artine Baghdassarian

Chairman: François Boëdec, S.J.
Vice-President: Salim Daccache, S.J.
Secretary-General: Bernard Gillibert, S.J.
Treasurer: Denis Delobre, S.J.
Assistant Secretary-General: Dominique Salin, S.J.

42, Rue de Grenelle
75343 Paris Cedex 7

Telephone: +33 (1) 45 49 12 11
Fax: +33 (1) 45 49 98 77