The USJ Sports Department was established in 2004. It consists of 2 divisions: Competitive Sports, which focuses on the training and follow-up of the sports teams that represent the University in local and international competitions, and Sports and Recreation, which focuses on sports activities for students, professors, and university staff of the different campuses and centers.

The Sports Department has several gyms: locked courts at the Campus of Science and Technology and the gym at the Campus of Sports and Innovation, which includes a court with wooden floors for different kinds of sports, a semi-Olympic pool, a fitness room, another for table tennis and fencing, a martial arts room, another room for training and fitness, and two squash courts.

The University teams participate in local and international competitions in various countries of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. They also participate in the competitions organized by the Lebanese Universities Sports Federation and others, namely the UniLeague Championship, a championship in group sports in which teams representing 8 different prestigious universities compete against each other.

It is worth noting that the USJ Sports Department organizes the Beirut Unisports Festival, an event in which over 1500 students coming from various countries participate. It also publishes an annual magazine called Sport Info.

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