The USJ Department of Student Life and Professional Integration organizes the activities of student bodies and coordinates with the different university institutions in matters regarding the various sides of students’ professional integration.

Student bodies
Student life at USJ is not limited to coursework. Many students come together to form student bodies that tackle topics of interest to them (sports, culture, social work, or religious activity). These groups have one common goal: promoting a sense of belonging to the university and strengthening solidarity among students. They include the following: clubs, student associations, annual delegates, and the General Council for Student Affairs.

Annual events
The Department of Student Life oversees the organization of annual events that aim to bring students of the university community together around various objectives. Some of these events include the following:
Democracy Day, Club Day, participation in the Beirut Marathon, and Daraj al-Yasou’iyya.

Professional integration
The Department of Student Life and Professional Integration conducts activities aimed at facilitating the integration of students into professional life and the labor market. In order to achieve that, it cooperates with companies, alumni, and NGO’s, and it encourages student work within the university.
The Department assists students in their establishment of professional projects. Therefore, it has adopted a program that is based on 3 main axes:

  • Collective socialization based on career choice
  • One-on-one meetings and providing sound guidance and necessary information
  • Managing a professional website or communication platform between employer-candidate, etc.