Before registering for any initial program, with the exception of those of the Oriental Literature Institute (ILO), the Institute of Islamic and Christian Studies (IEIC), the Faculty of Business and Management (English section), and the Higher Institute of Banking Studies (ISEB), students must have obtained an A on the French proficiency test.

All students must take the French proficiency test, regardless of the degrees they may hold (French Baccalaureate, another French proficiency test, a diploma of French studies, French nationality or one of any other country whose official language is French, etc.).
On the other hand, students who have completed one of their secondary school years outside Lebanon and have not obtain an A on the French proficiency test are allowed to attend classes on two conditions: that they follow intensive language classes offered by the Center for Modern Languages of the USJ Faculty of Languages, and that they obtain an A on French examinations before the final exams of the second semester.

The aforementioned two conditions do not apply to candidates applying to the following faculties: Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Faculty of Engineering, and the School of Translation and Interpretation. Those applying to these institutions must obtain an A on the French proficiency test before the set registration deadline. Under these conditions, candidates who obtained a B may present entrance examinations to these faculties.



  • USJ wants to ensure that all candidates have the minimum required competencies to attend university classes.
  • USJ strives to maintain the quality of French in its teachings.
  • USJ wants its students to bridge the gap of French-speaking.

Registering for the proficiency test
You may follow any of the 3 following processes:

Registering individually or collectively through the student’s school – special conditions apply to students who completed their secondary studies abroad.

Test results have varying validity periods:

  • Category A results are valid for 10 years
  • Category B, C, or D results are valid for 3 years



For more information, contact the University Proficiency Test Department at the following address:
Campus of Humanities
Damascus Street
P.O. Box 17-5208 Mar Mikhael
Beirut, 1104 2020
Telephone: +961 (1) 421 000
Ext.: 5507
Fax: +961 (1) 421 005 ext. 5524