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Marilyne Jallad

Communication and patronage officer

Ms. Roula Ghostine

Franco-Lebanese journalist and communicator for nearly 20 years, Marilyne has since 2011 initiated and written all the French articles of Econews, the economic monthly newsletter of the Chamber of commerce of Beirut and Mount Lebanon until January 2020. She has also been a "ghost writer" for several personalities and worked as a Fixer-Journalist for several foreign reporters in Beirut during "the October 2019 revolution" for France Télévisions etc. In Paris, she was CEO and production assistant for "Corida SA", organizer of live shows from 2007 to 2010.

Marilyne is also the writer of the novel L'instant ravageur (Dar An-Nahar) and author-vocalist of a French song album entitled L'ABSENT.

She graduated from USJ with a Deug in Sociology, a bachelor’s degree in History option International-Relations and a master’s in information and Communication. She joined the Fondation USJ-HDF as a Communications and patronage officer on November 8, 2021.