Prof. Fadi El Hage, Vice-President of ADMEE-Europe

Prof. El Hage is the Delegate of the Rector for Professional Training, Chairperson of CEEDD/Diane Foundation and former Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences.
Thursday, January 28, 2021

On January 28, Prof. Fadi El Hage was elected Vice-President of ADMEE-Europe (Association for the Development of Assessment Methodologies in Education).

ADMEE-Europe is an international French-speaking association that brings together researchers, teachers, trainers, managers and others interested in assessment issues in education and training: student learning assessment, course assessment, educational tools, devices and programs assessment, and education assessment.

ADMEE hosts national branches (including the Lebanese branch) and organizes scientific events and an annual international colloquium.

Special congratulations to Prof. Fadi El Hage!