FUCE mobility scholarships for 2021-2022

(CLOSED) Apply before March 25 2021

English & details below

L’appel à candidatures pour une bourse de mobilité d’un semestre dans le cadre des bourses FUCE (Fédération des Universités Catholiques Européennes) pour l’année académique 2021 – 2022 est ouvert.

Les détails de cet appel ainsi que la procédure à suivre et documents à fournir pour postuler à cette bourse se trouvent ci-dessous.

Le dossier complet devra être envoyé avant le 25 mars 2021 en fichier PDF par mail au sri.mobilite@usj.edu.lb.

Notes importantes :

  • L’obtention d’une bourse FUCE permettra le financement de votre mobilité académique pour un semestre dans l’un des établissements membres de la FUCE (2.500 euros pour le semestre).
  • Lors de votre séjour à l’international, vous restez inscrit à l’USJ où vous y paierez les frais de scolarité.
  • L’université d’accueil vous exempte du paiement des frais de scolarité.
  • Vous n’obtenez pas de diplôme de l’université d’accueil mais uniquement un relevé de notes officiel incluant la liste des cours que vous avez suivi chez eux et les notes que avez obtenu. Ce relevé de notes vous permettra de valider votre semestre à votre retour à l’USJ.


FUCE mobility scholarships for 2021-2022: Conditions, requirements, application procedure, required documents, selection process and deadline)

The European Federation of Catholic Universities (FUCE) is launching its mobility program exclusively addressing students registered at

  • Albanian Universities
  • Georgian Universities
  • Lebanese universities (including USJ)
  • Pontifical universities from Vatican
  • Ukrainian universities

which are members of FUCE.

Conditions and requirements

  1. Number of scholarships: 9 for the above mentioned partner countries
  2. Duration of the stay: one semester (ie 4 to 6 months)
  3. Amount: 2500€ to cover the cost of living and travel expenses.
  4. The student remains enrolled in the sending institution and will be considered as a student in mobility (like an ERASMUS student) by the host university (that means: no fee, access to libraries, etc.).
  5. The sending institution will have to award full recognition of the studies done by the student at the host institution.
  6. Host universities: FUCE universities (check attached list)
  7. Successful candidates will only be able to enjoy once of this scholarship program.

Applicants from USJ must:

  1. Be registered at USJ.
  2. Be Lebanese citizens.
  3. In the case of undergraduates, to have successfully passed the first year of their degree.
  4. Have a good academic record.
  5. Have a good command of the language of instruction of the courses to be followed.
  6. Not have already received or be currently receiving any other financial mobility grant.
  7. Be able to show that they possess the personal qualities to benefit from their mobility grant and use it to succeed in their chosen career.

All students can apply but preference might be given to students in the fields of studies of: Ethics, Theology, Philosophy or other disciplines somehow integrating The Social Teaching of the Church.

Application procedure and required documents:

  1. Choose your host university from FUCE’s partner universities’ list attached below.
  2. Check the host university's academic program and language of instruction on their website.
  3. Choose your courses with the approval of your Director/Dean at USJ.
  4. Fill USJ’s outgoing mobility form
  5. Have it signed by your Director/Dean at USJ and send it to USJ’s international relations office (sri.mobilite@usj.edu.lbalong with the following list of documents:
  • Student application form (attached)
  • Copy (first side –reverse) of the identity card or passport.
  • Certified copy of the different academic records (relevés de notes) to be asked from your home faculty.
  • A certificate showing evidence of their registration in their university of origin.
  • Proof of the good command of the language of instruction of the courses to be followed, at a minimum level of B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (a simple attestation de langue from your Home faculty at USJ can be enough).
  • A motivation letter: a 200 words statement about themselves with a focus on their educational objectives, their professional goals and aspirations and how they think this mobility grant will help to achieve their goals.
  • A letter of reference: This must be from a member of staff from the home university of the applicant who has supervised him/her academically – i.e. a lecturer, tutor or supervisor.
  • The FUCE learning agreement (attached) filled and signed by USJ's academic coordinator (dean of your faculty).


Deadline: before March 25 2021

Selection process

1. The sending university will collect all the documentation from the applicants and will short-list the appropriate candidates.

2. Application will be prioritized by:

- Academic records.

- Good command of the language of instruction of the courses to be followed.

- Word statement about the candidate’s motivation to do the mobility.

- Financial resources of the candidate.

3. Short-listed candidates can be invited for an interview to be held at the sending university.

4. Preference will go towards applicants who have not previously studied outside their home country.

5. USJ will send the files of  maximum 3 pre-selected candidates to the FUCE secretary by May 7th, 2021 at the latest. The others will be on "waiting list" in case of anyd rop out from a selected candidate.

6. The final selection of the candidates is made by the Council of FUCE during its meeting in May 2021 before the General Assembly.

7. The President of FUCE informs the rectors of sending and hosting institutions of the successful candidates. The sending institutions inform the candidates.

8. FUCE send the funds to USJ, which will be in charge of paying the students.

For more info, please contact sri.mobilite@usj.edu.lb

Annexes and documents: