Two INCI Students Win First Prize at AI Ready Academy With Their

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

In the framework of an educational program organized by Zaka AI in collaboration with Microsoft, Raymonde Akiki and Oliver Tannous, two students from the National Institute of Telecommunications and Informatics (INCI) won the first prize with their project “Viktorina-AI”.

AI Ready Academy by Zaka AI is a 3-month program that brought together 130 students from over 25 universities in 7 different countries. This course offered our students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of artificial intelligence.

In addition, Raymonde and Oliver had the chance to participate in a hackathon which aimed to develop an application that addresses real life problems in the MENA region.

Viktorina AI is a smart solution that aims to revolutionize the world of education. The goal is to offer an effective method of studying such as active recall (which consists of imagining questions and answers based on the module to be revised).

The web application automatically generates questions with their respective answers from the course provided by the student.