"Multi-talented young lebanese shines in several fields"

Social work – NGOs – volunteering
Sarah AOUN
Lundi 20 septembre 2021

“The most valuable help you can give to your society is through volunteering”, Yves Najm says.
Volunteering is something Mrad is devoted to.  At Banin Charity Association, Yves Najm, a board member, works to provide health assistance, food security, financial aid, orphan sponsorship, education, home, work and medical treatment for more than 10,000 Lebanese individuals. “Through the 10,452 plan, Christmas truck, Ramadan truck, Clothes for Banin initiative and many more projects, we, at Banin, are working day and night to increase our funding resources to help more underprivileged families”. In 2020, Banin was recognized by the Lebanese Army for its help in ensuring medications and other necessities . 
To spread the message of volunteering among the Lebanese society, Yves Najm joined the Volunteer Circle, a platform that connects volunteers with expertise to different NGOs. This platform bloomed recently during and after the Beirut blast since during the episode, many people wanted to help but didn’t know who to talk to. Therefore, The Volunteer Circle was the only entity in Lebanon which people relied on. More than 5000 volunteers with expertise are registered and connected to more than 180 NGOs all over Lebanon. “We all can help using our unique skills. We just need to direct ourselves to the right place”. 
After the Beirut blast, the LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital (LAUMCRH) was severely damaged. Seeing the mass of the destruction during the harshest economic collapse Lebanon has ever seen, Mrad and his friend decided to start the LAUMCRH fundraiser campaign as a student led initiative along with LAU alumni in Canada and other countries to help restore a part of what was destroyed.
 As most people, Yves Najm has participated in helping people medically during the blast. Realizing the incoherence of the government, NGOs, and volunteers, he gathered more than 26 professional clubs at LAU to create a holistic emergency plan to face future crises, taking into consideration the economic, financial, social, governmental and nongovernmental infrastructure and limitations. The committee was founded and named LAU Response Task Force. The whole point of this committee was to reach a complete well-structured management crisis.