Negotiation Roadmap to a Better Deal- Scotwork Middle East

Tuesday October 26, 2021


Negotiation skills are important both in the workplace as well as in personal life. In the workplace, they help you achieve long-term career success, boost productivity & reduce workplace conflicts. In your personal life, they boost your creative & reasoning abilities, make it more difficult for people to take advantage of you & make you a better strategizer.

Given the importance of negotiation skills, the Professional Training Center of Saint Joseph University of Beirut and Scotwork Middle East are launching the “Negotiation roadmap to a better deal”, a free live webinar on Zoom platform,

Tuesday October 26, 2021 at 3pm (Beirut time).

Scotwork have grown into world-class negotiation specialists, operating in 120 countries and 29 languages. Attending the webinar will lead you to identify:

  • The different ways to resolve conflicts.
  • The importance of asking questions.
  • The power of listening.

Don’t miss it! Register now to the Scotwork webinar “Negotiation roadmap to a better deal” by clicking on following link Webinar Registration - Zoom