Ayman Assi Appointed President of ESMAC

European Society for Movement Analysis for Adults and Children
Thursday, October 14, 2021

Mr. Ayman Assi, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine (FM), was elected President of the European Society for Movement Analysis for Adults and Children (ESMAC) for a two-year term on Thursday, October 14, 2021.

Despite adverse conditions, this is a significant achievement for the Laboratory for Biomechanics and Medical Imaging at Saint-Joseph University of Beirut (USJ), for FM, and for research at USJ and in Lebanon.

ESMAC is multidisciplinary by nature, mainly interacting clinical and bioengineering disciplines, and ranging from basic sciences to applied practices. ESMAC members are from many backgrounds: orthopedic surgeons, physiatrist, physiotherapists, human movement scientists, biomechanical and biomedical engineers; as well as many others. ESMAC is holding an instructional course for gait analysis and annual scientific congress in September-October which attracts over 600 participants.

This position as president of a learned society will strengthen our University's international standing and open up new avenues for scientific collaboration and research funding for our laboratory.