Louloua et Leila Bachachi
Mardi 15 février 2022


By Louloua & Leila Bachachi

Who are WE?  

BromوKhdom is a social campaign that was launched by Leila and Louloua Bachachi, USJ students, as part of the social campaigning school and competition, hosted by the European Leadership and Debate Academy (elda).

First, let us lead you through the birth of our initiative. In Summer 2021, we closely studied our community before choosing the topic of our campaign. It remained clear to us that the MENA region as a whole, and Lebanon in particular, is passing through hardships that are blocking our way towards building a better future. After giving it some careful thought, we believed it was up to us to help each other outgrow this situation. BromوKhom was therefore born to prove that the determination and feeling of belonging of the youth is the only fuel to change.


The aim behind our initiative is to increase volunteering acts, more precisely, to offer help and expect nothing in return. Our core values are kindness, integrity and empathy, while our slogan is “Make a habit of neighborly help.”  


Who is ELDA?  

Elda is a non-profit organization in Germany that is working for democracy and social change in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, empowering a new generation of responsible and active citizens. Elda has launched its Social Campaigning School for 2021-2022, enabling the youth from the MEA to start innovative and effective campaign to promote a social issue of their choice. The partners in this project are BuildPalestine, Factory-x and Sabine Abi Aad.  Generous funding is provided by the German Federal Foreign Office.  



We are currently providing the informational support needed to better the emotional state of the people by uploading fair content on our Instagram platform @BromwKhdom.

In parallel, we are holding calls for action in order to reach out to potential volunteers.

Lastly, we are hereby announcing our readiness to guide the youth along their community service journey, by putting our expertise and connections to work.


We trust in our goals to align with those of university students into building a healthier community.


This is why we are writing to you.


YOU are kind, and people are in desperate need of YOUR kindness.


All you have to do is Brom w Khdom!