Here we are

Janvier 2022

Here you are,

Standing on stage

Preaching your way through life

Crowds gathered in front of you

Laughing when you chirp

Crying when you whisper

Shivering when you state


Here I am,

Lost in the crowds

Wondering how it feels

To fly with your funniest jokes

Swim in your deepest thoughts

Drown in your darkest desires

Wings and legs aren’t what I lack


You see,

I’m blind when it comes to the shapes your mouth forms

Deaf when it comes to the sounds it makes

I don’t speak your mother tongue, it’s true

But I can read her eyes

And they’re telling me that I must fight

Till all of your words are heard

Till all of your feelings are shared

As I’m wishing to understand

A beautiful voice saves the day

Its tender tone bridges our minds

As it interprets what you say


Here we are,

You &I

In the same auditorium

I can now see you

Hear you

Know when to laugh

Wonder whether to cry

Or to shiver when you state

Marie-Jeanne Richa - L1