Lifestyle with a Twist

Janvier 2022

During the pandemic, the whole world flipped upside down. From a buzzing life full of people and activities to a boring one at home behind the screens of laptops and smartphones. The pandemic was capable of changing our norms of living. Before the newly emerged virus ruled the world two years ago, I was that type of person called “extrovert”. I never refused an invitation to go out, nor enjoyed boring “stay at home” weekend nights. Nevertheless, the global epidemic had other plans. The ghost of the corona virus started chasing each and every one, planting in his or her heart the fear of getting infected, and giving the chance for the pathogen to destroy their body. Two years into this dark tunnel, the world kind of became used to this new reality. On a personal level, I think that the pandemic was able to transform me into an “ambivert”. Nowadays, fewer lockdowns are being imposed and life somehow is regaining its strength after being paralyzed for almost two years. It is true that the health situation is becoming moderate, and that public and private sectors reopened their doors after a long closure. However, my motivation to go out, unlike before, dropped. Despite all the negative aspects of the virus, it taught me during my stay-at-home time, the importance of family. In addition, it taught me how to cherish the good times spent with friends and loved ones that I used to take for granted before life was molded into a virtual one. It doesn’t mean that I no longer enjoy hanging out with others, but I can clearly say that the pandemic directed me towards having a balanced life. In other words, I spend some time at home and some other out. This new style of living makes me an ambivert who enjoys both some relaxing calm days at home along with some entertaining times with friends.

Maria Wakim - L1