I am today at the heart of USJ

A dream comes true!
Octobre 2021

At the end of the first semester, images rush to my memory, of a time when all my efforts had been to take me where I am today: at the heart of USJ. I wanted to enroll in USJ since even before I started my Bachelor’s degree, but chance willed it that I do so during my master’s. The atmosphere of the University is what caught my eye and lingered within my thought, for it seemed to me that Lebanon itself was born within its walls.

Upon my arrival, and after a monstrous labor on my part, that image was fulfilled. What I found was a welcoming campus, tolerant, nay embracing of the diverse sample of students which resemble our country itself. I found a campus that values hard work and recognizes effort, for the fruit of any hard labor is clearly seen by the teacher’s appreciation and constructive feedback. I found a place that challenges me to bring out the best of what I have, and in return I developed myself in ways I thought impossible. I aim to give back to this University as it has given me, to further entrench it with light in a time when darkness is all that remains in Lebanon.


Jawad Moussa

M1- Interprétation