“I discovered that translation is essential”

Novembre 2021

When I obtained my bachelor’s degree in translation in 2019, I decided to undergo a master’s degree in international relations because I found myself passionate about understanding how international politics work and I thought that I had already acquired all the needed material to be a translator. Everywhere I go and when people ask me what is your major, once I tell them that I’m a translator and an international relations student, they would either ask me to double check a translated text for them or give me a project to work on. While working as a translator, and throughout my journey in politics and media, I discovered that translation is essential and I realized that No, a bachelor’s degree in translation is not enough and there’s still a lot for me to learn. This is why I decided to pursue a master’s degree in translation as well, in the conference field. During the first master semester at ETIB, I learned  a lot of theories and translation techniques I did not acquire before. This allowed me to improve my translation techniques and to think wisely which term to choose and why.


                                                                                                      Tala Tawil

                                                M1 Traduction - Option Traducteur de Conférence