Avril 2022

I sat in front of the window on a cold night,

Wrapped in blankets, coffee on my right.

I took the notebook that reminded me of you,

Here’s where our memories hide, making me feel blue.

Turned a blank page but no words came out, nothing but scratch.

This night, feelings and poems won’t match.

I put our “memories” aside and stared at the stars…

Stars so bright, they could even light up Mars.

I admired the stars’ beauty

And wondered how enormous someone’s impact could be…

One specific star took my breath away,

One in a billion stole my gaze.

How could it steal the show and blow my mind?

Why was it the only one that stood out in the crowd?

I thought that stargazing would be a free therapy

That has the power to keep me busy,

Far from the thoughts that made my heart beat faster for you.


As soon as I laid my eyes on other stars,

I saw lines binding together, going ‘round and ‘round,

Only to form a very familiar silhouette…

One that I had absolutely met

Not once or twice, but at least a dozen times.

Look! There you are, drawn symmetrically like a work of art

That I tried to avoid thinking about.

But even my mind became my darkest enemy

That couldn’t help but picture you in front of me.

Oh dear, you will never know how bothering it is

To see you in the brightest little things.

Since you shattered my soul and ripped my heart,

Everything stopped looking like art.

So now, I’m frightened that I might never see the stars as bright

Because when all turns dark,

Still the stars shine for luck.


Rebecca Daou