She, Her

Mai 2022


It’s Her, it’s me, it’s us against reality,

It’s Her, it’s She, that enriches my vanity,

It’s Her eyes, it’s Her smile, I like to call Her fatality,

It’s us against a world submerged in alarming mentality.


She’s in love with space and stars, She’s in love with the unknown,

Is this the reason I was chosen, is it why She shared Her throne?

She does not wear a crown, all She wears is moons and stars,

All She wears is Herself, enough to heal all of my scars.

She’s interested in astrology, She believes all of those lies, 

But who’s to blame Her when She holds constellations in Her eyes?

Who’s to blame a blooming flower that’s a garden in disguise?

She’s the pleasant petrichor that after heavy rain shall arise.

She’s the elixir that provides all the euphoria in my brain,

She’s picturesque, I call Her Art, She’s the one that keeps me sane,

She’s my Eudaimonia, I could describe Her for years,

Her presence is idyllic, Her absence brings me close to tears.


Is it a sin to worship Her? Am I allowed to call Her my religion?

I don’t think that She is real, god… was this a work of fiction?

Am I daydreaming again? How do I stop this addiction?

She doesn’t know that I exist, I can’t escape Her malediction.

I love Her, She’s a godsend, her charming smile is inevitable,

I adore Her, no matter what I say, my feelings remain ineffable,

I treasure Her, She’s mine forever even though I am ephemeral,

I worship Her, I know I’ve sinned, doesn’t that make my case equitable?


It’s Her, She’s all I see,

It’s Her, my heart’s insistent,

It’s Her, She’s far and free,

It’s Her, She’s nonexistent…


Carl Saad

M1 Interprétation