FSEDU|Exposure to Different Cultures

Year 2022

As part of its mission of reaching out to international academics in the field of Education, Fsedu established partnerships with Faculties of Education in British, French, and Italian universities in the forms of inviting guest speakers to give talks about recent trends in education and conducting joint webinars to share research topics and cascade research findings. 

Having admitted the rationale of reaching out to diverse societies, the faculty invited various professors from different cultures to intervene in the Doctoral seminars organized by Fsedu, giving the opportunity to its PhD students to benefit from interactive exchanges.  

In that regard,  Professor Eileen Kennedy from University College London, UK, shared her research findings  on “Realising the potential of digital learning at scale: research approaches”, Professor Gigliola Paviotti from University of Macerata, Italy, cascaded her research findings on “The University and the Place”, Professor Dominique Broussal from Toulouse University, Professor Antoine Kattar  and  Professor Patrick Geffard from Picardie University shared their experience and research findings on Transforming Education. Lastly, Mrs. Simona Rinaldi from European Training Foundation gave an in person talk on “Internships, Student Mobility and Exchange Programs” to Fsedu MA students.