Mobility scholarships to the University of Geneva

APPLY NOW before March 30, 2023


The University of Geneva offers a scholarship to 3 students for a one semester mobility during the academic year                2023-2024.

Scholarship details:

Amount per month (and per student): CHF 1’000.

Number of months: 5 (Fall Semester) / 4 (Spring Semester)

Academic requirements:

- Grades: Show good academic results.

- Prepare and validate the study plan. Any changes to the study plan originally agreed must be documented in an  updated study plan at a later stage.                                                           

- French level: Students must be able to follow courses in French.

- Participate upon request of UNIGE International Office’s to mobility events

- The place of residence during the exchange must be in Geneva.

- Only use the funding to cover the travel, living expenses and language preparation costs in connection with the mobility program.

- Inform the Academic Exchange Office of any other scholarship.

- Participate in our Welcome Day (takes place on Friday before the Semester starts)

- Repay part or all of the grant in case of early return.

Semester dates:

Fall: mid-September to early February

Spring: mid February to late June

How to apply?

Check the eligibility conditions

Send your USJ outgoing application form  duly filled and signed by your Dean/Director to



March 30, 2023


For questions: