Ecumenical Perspectives on Climate Change

Symposium on Ecotheology
Jeudi 5 octobre 2023
de 9h00 à 17h30
Auditorium François S. Bassil - Campus de l'innovation et du sport

Theological reflection on ecology and Climate justice has intensified in the past decade in various parts of the world due to the urgency of the topic. However, despite the great variety of Christian traditions in the Middle East, this theme has not yet been seriously deliberated in our region. Through this symposium, the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC), in cooperation with the Association of Theological Institutes in the Middle East (ATIME), hopes to start this discussion and to encourage the various member Churches and institutions to reflect from within their own traditions on creation and climate concerns. It is also hoped, that theological education in the region can find ways to address our ecological reality and can be informed by it in all its disciplines. For this to happen an interdisciplinary approach should be followed.

Hence, it is pertinent that the symposium sketches the ecological realities from a scientific perspective and acquaints the participants with the ecological terminology and issues. It is then the responsibility of specialized theologians to engage with this reality and reveal in what ways these are theological concerns. The involvement of theologians from different Christian traditions can further make us aware of the diverse methodologies and
approaches to engage with the topic while finding common concerns.

Finally, the organizers hope to translate this discussion into practice and effect change not only in the mindset but also on the ground.For this to happen, ecological actors and practitioners such as A Rocha, ACT Alliance, Danmission and the United Church of Canada are enlisted as partners and will be involved in this event.