New English Placement Tests at the USJ English Department

in partnership with the US Embassy
Monday, October 9, 2023
  • U.S. Embassy in Beirut

In an effort to improve its English placement tests, the English Department at Saint Joseph University of Beirut partnered with the US Embassy, which funded a training tailored to its needs. The training, which spanned over three weeks, was conducted by Joseph P. Vitta, Ed. D. 

The workshops centered around 4 modules: testing CEFR objectives for both listening and reading skills, creating assessment content for listening skills, creating assessment content for reading skills, and checking the validity and reliability of assessments. Faculty members who attended the training have given an overwhelmingly positive feedback. Despite the varied backgrounds and experience of the English department instructors, they all expressed confidence in their ability to create placement tests that align with the best practices in educational assessment. This training has improved their understanding of assessment and has given them practical tools to design tests that accurately measure students’ language skills. An online graduation was held at the end of the workshops to thank all participants for their joint efforts and to celebrate this achievement.