USJ Celebrates “La Plume Qui Ne Tarit Pas”

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

The Faculty of Religious Studies (FSR) at the Saint Joseph University of Beirut (USJ) organized an event titled “La Plume Qui Ne Tarit Pas” on May 15, highlighting the resilience and creativity of researchers and authors affiliated with the Faculty’s research centers, namely CRSR and CEDRAC. This evening, which brought together academic figures and guests committed to religious research and writing, was led by Prof. Bechealany and Reverend Father El Gemayel, directors of the FSR research centers. It began with a presentation by Ms. Selwan, who emphasized the event’s importance in the post-2019 context, while explaining the chosen theme. Indeed, “La Plume Qui Ne Tarit Pas” symbolizes the perseverance of religious research and writings despite adversities. Moreover, this resilience is underscored by a notable surge in publications during these challenging times.

In his speech, Prof. Bechealany emphasized the crucial importance of continuous research within FSR. As the University approaches its 150th anniversary, he took the opportunity to pay tribute to the contributions of past and present researchers, as well as international partnerships vital for publication dissemination. For his part, Prof. Aboujaoude, Dean of FSR, celebrated the diverse array of topics. Ranging from prelate biographies to Christian literature, these writings, available in both Arabic and French, were highlighted for their impact on understanding Christianity in its Eastern context.

Following the video highlighting recent publications, the Rector, Prof. Daccache, SJ, took the stage to reaffirm USJ’s unwavering commitment to research and religious knowledge dissemination, reflecting on the University’s legacy since 1875.

The event concluded with book signings and a reception, providing guests with the opportunity to meet the authors and acquire their signed works. Among the signatories were Reverend Father Mīkhā’īl Qanbar, Reverend Father Jean Louis Lingot, Mr. Joseph Maalouf, Mr. Georges Melki, Reverend Father Thom Sicking, Mr. Habib Ibrahim, Reverend Father Ronney El Gemayel, Reverend Father Pierre Jabbour, Ms. Katia Tawil, and Mr. Sami Hallak.

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