The Nuremberg Summer Academy 2015

De mars à aout
The Nuremberg Summer Academy 2015 focuses on young people from so called situation countries. Fully-financed scholarships increase the attractiveness of the program. This is a unique selling point compared to The Hague Academy’s program, which is much broader in scope and accepts many more people. Aiming for 24 students sends a strong message which will be warmly received at the ICC and the UN. The quality and the prestige of the program within any given situation country hinges on the legitimacy of the local partner. 1. Targeted countries and local partners Kenya Local partner/contact person: Strathmore University Law School Uganda Local partner/contact person: Makerere University, School of Law. Kampala International University, Faculty of Law. Rwanda Local partner/contact person: National University of Rwanda, Kigali campus. Department of Law Lebanon Local partner/contact person: Université Saint-Joseph - Faculté de Droit et des Sciences Politiques Serbia Local partner/contact person: University of University of Belgrade Faculty of Law Bosnia Local partner/contact person: University of Sarajevo - Faculty of Law Croatia Local partner/contact person: University of Zagreb - Law School Kosovo Local partner/contact person: University of Pristina 2. Application process (1) Proof (university transcript) showing that the applicant is currently attending a university Bachelor’s degree program in one of the eligible countries. (preference for undergraduate students in their 3rd year of study or later.) (2) Evidence that the applicant meets the language requirements (English proficiency). (3) All applicants show grades in the top 30% of the evaluation scale. In some instances it is possible to accept slightly lower grades, depending on the strength of the application as a whole. (4) A motivation letter of max 500 words focusing on key experiences, skills, and interests in attending the Nuremberg Summer Academy. (5) A short essay (1,500 words maximum) on one of the main topics of the program: - Lessons learned in my country from the experience of dealing with international justice - Lessons learned from international courts on building peace and prevention of atrocities (6) Other support documents for the application. (7) Interview by telephone/skype: The questions raised by the interviewers will focus to a greater extent on the requirements placed on students, not only regarding their academic achievements but also their general knowledge and awareness of the subject that the Nuremberg Academy seeks to advance. 3. Program The program includes visiting professors to give lectures, and practitioners in the field of International (Criminal) Law to speak about their work. Students benefit from the actual law in the textbook and the practical aspects of practicing international law. The Nuremberg Summer Academy’s aim is to offer a diversified program of lectures, workshops, movies and guided tours at the Nazi Party Rally Grounds, the Documentation Centre, the Memorium Nuremberg Trials and the Way of Human Rights in Nuremberg. Group activities and dinners complete the program. It’s highlight is the Nuremberg Moot Court in Courtroom 600. Finally, the program is concluded by a field trip to the International Criminal Courts in The Hague.   A)Lectures, Workshops, Movies Session 1: The International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg 1945-46 – Birthplace of International Criminal Law Session 2: How are mass atrocities committed? Session 3: Functioning of the different International/National Criminal Courts after Nuremberg Session 4: The permanent International Criminal Court Session 5: Prevention of atrocity crimes Session 6: Coming to terms with the past Possible Lecturers: Prof. Dapo Akande Co-Director of the Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict Prof. Heiner Bielefeldt UN-Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief Dr. Anna Kaminsky Managing Director of the Federal Foundation for the Reappraisal of the SED dictatorship Peter Kremer former Chief of Appeals, OTP, ICTY Prof. Sabine Michalowski University of Essex Prof. Christoph Safferling Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg Beth Van Schaack Stanford Law School Judge Wolfgang Schomburg former Judge at ICTR and ICTY Simon de Smet Legal Officer in the Trial Division, ICC Prof. Alex Whiting Harvard Law School B)Nuremberg Moot Court 2015 The Nuremberg Moot Court represents a simulated process in front of the "International Criminal Court". International Students of Law deal with a fictitious case in the area of International Criminal Law. The unique location of the Nuremberg Palace of Justice allows the students to practice their legal skills in a place where modern history was made. It was here that Nazi authorities were tried for war crimes at the end of World War II, and it was here that the precedent for future legal practice of international criminal justice was established. The Nuremberg Trials became the most famous international military tribunal in history, resulting in the so-called Nuremberg Principles, guidelines determining what constitutes a war crime, which eventually led to the idea of founding the International Criminal Court.   C)Field Trip to the International Courts in The Hague A common two-day field trip to the ICC, the ICTY and the STL in The Hague completes the Nuremberg Summer Academy 2015. 4. Monitoring In an evaluation, students provide feedback on the content of the Summer Academy program as a whole as well as on the selection and organization of the field trip and guided tours. After their stay, scholarship students write a final report. The Nuremberg Moot Court is evaluated through self-observation and follow-up surveys. There are a number of indicators that measure the success of the project. In addition, the participation of external universities in the Moot Court shows their interest in establishing it permanently. 5. Schedule Announcement of scholarships 16/03/2015 Deadline for proposals 15/05/2015 Arrival of Students 16/07/2015 Nuremberg Summer Academy 20/07-02/08/2015 Moot Court 31/07-01/08/2015