Summer Leadership Program for International Students at West Virginia University

19 Fevrier 2015 à 30 aout 2015

West Virginia University Health Sciences Center Global Engagement Office is promoting its new EMPOWER Program. EMPOWER is a six-week leadership program designed for ten women from different parts of the world who have completed coursework equivalent to that of the coursework for first-year medical students in the United States. The program is open to women from Asia, Africa, South America, Central America, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, and Mexico and is structured to give the students exposure to leadership in the healthcare setting. The goal for this program is to provide an experience to the students that will assist them in dealing with professional and daily circumstances that come with being physicians in their societies. Each visiting student will learn leadership and team-building skills that are important for their careers and lives. The program seeks to enable them to understand and identify gender dynamics but, at the same time, not take that as a determining factor for their success. Students will have a learning experience where they discover their leadership potential and enhance their leadership skills. The goal is to empower the students with different tools to develop themselves as effective transformational leaders in their society. yo can find an attached copy of the brochure.