Summer School at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM)!

Mars à aout 2017

Come to Madrid, study at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid!

(Check attached pdf for more info!)


El Camino de Santiago: Historia, Patrimonio & Cultura 3ECTS

May 22 – May 30

Tuition: 480€ Transportation and Lodging: 650€


For an introduction to the European legal and political reality and a closer look at Spain:

European and Comparative Law 3ECTS

May 22 – June 2 (new dates!)

Tuition: 550€


Courses specifically designed for teachers of Spanish:

Formación en Enseñanza de ELE 6ECTS

June 12 – June 30

Tuition: 450€


Técnicas docentes para profesores de ELE:

Cultura, interculturalidad y patrimonio histórico-artístico Español 4ECTS

July 3 – July 21

Tuition: 700€ (includes cultural visits)


Come to Madrid to improve your Spanish Language Skills while taking advantage of the diverse cultural offer of this vibrant city. There are day trips on Fridays to Toledo, Aranjuez and Segovia.

Spanish Language & Culture I (Spanish 3)


May 29 – June 23

Tuition: 960€

Additional Excursion Fee: 340€


Spanish Language & Culture II (Spanish 4)

(Pre-approved by UC Riverside)


June 27 – July 21

Tuition: 960€

Additional Excursion Fee: 340€


And who wouldn’t like to learn how to cook some Spanish dishes?


Spanish Language Through Food & Culture 3 ECTS

July 3 – July 14

Tuition: 480€


Summer School of Economics and Business

June 12 – July 20

This is the perfect opportunity to take up to two courses in a six-week summer program instead of waiting until the fall.

Environmental Economics and Policy Analysis 6ECTS

Natural Resource Economics 6ECTS

Global Marketing 6ECTS

International Finance 6ECTS


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