Erasmus+ mobility scholarships to GRANADA, Spain

For USJ Students and Staff members

USJ will have the possibility to send 2 bachelor/master students to spend a semester at Granada University in Spain during the academic year 2018/19.
Interested students can benefit from an Erasmus + scholarship that covers:

-          A monthly allowance of 800 € per month

-          a contribution for travel (up to a certain limit)

How to apply?

1.         Check Granada's academic programs and language of instruction on Granada’s website: 

2.         Choose your courses with the approval of your Director/Dean at USJ.

3.         Fill USJ’s outgoing mobility form available on our website:

4.         Have it signed and send it to USJ’s international relations office located at the Rectorate, Damascus road.

5.         The international relations team will then send your nomination to Granada who will then send you details to their online application form and guide you with their procedure.

Deadline for applying for the 1st semester: May 15, 2018

Deadline for applying for the 2nd semester: October 15, 2018

ONE ADMINISTRATIVE and ONE ACADEMIC STAFF mobility scholarships are also available (to be concluded before July 2019)

Contact or call 01/421 000 ext. 1275 – 1158 for more details.