Erasmus+ scholarships to Sapienza University of Rome

For USJ Students and Staff members

We are glad to inform you that the new call for incoming students and staff from partner institutions in Lebanon to Sapienza University of Rome within the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility program (KA107) has been launched.

You will find attached all information about application procedures, nominations, selections and academic offer of Sapienza University of Rome.


  • Available scholarships are for 5 partner universities in LEBANON which means that a final selection process will take place.
  • According to the new E+ ICM rules there will be flexibility in the level (Bachelor, Master and PhD) of the students eligible for scholarships. Therefore, students from one of the three levels can apply.
  • As for the training staff mobility for administratives, we did not decide yet if/when the Staff Week will take place. Therefore, we kindly invite you to wait for further details concerning administrative staff mobility or to proceed with the application as mentioned below.

The deadline for sending the nominations for the 2nd Semester of the academic year 2018/19 (February 2019 - July 2019) is October 30th 2018.

Application procedure for STUDENTS:

1. Check Sapienza's English taught study offers :

the following tracks taught in English (all at Master level)

  • Faculty of medicine and psychology
    • Cognitive neurosciences
  • Faculty of economics
    • Economics
    • Business management
    • Economics and communication for management and innovation
    • Financial institutions, international finance and risk management
  • Faculty of mathematics, physics and natural sciences
    • Physics
    • Genetics and molecular biology
    • Neurobiology
  • Faculty of information engineering, informatics and statistics
    • Computer sciences
    • Engineering in computer sciences
    • Cybersecurity
    • Data sciences
    • Nanotechnology engineering
    • Electrical engineering
    • Energy engineering
    • Transport systems engineering
    • Electronics engineering
    • Management engineering
    • Mechanical engineering

More info on

2. Choose your courses at Sapienza and set the learning agreement in coordination with your Dean at USJ.

3. Fill, sign and send USJ’s Outgoing Mobility Form to the International relations office (Rectorat, Damascus road) before October 20th

4. The International relations team of USJ will officially send your nomination to Sapienza.

5. Once nominated, proceed with Sapienza's application.

Application procedure for STAFF:

1. Send an email to with your CV in English and a brief summary of what you would like to teach/do at the host university (course description/language of instruction/visits/meetings etc.)

2. The international relations team will then send your nomination to the host university who will then send you details on how to proceed with your application.

Attached are some useful links to all documents necessary to implement the mobilities (Inter-Institutional Agreement, Learning-Teaching-Training Agreement etc.).

For further info, please contact or call 01-421 000 ext. 1275 - 1158