Erasmus+ mobility scholarships to Freie Universität Berlin (FUB)

For USJ Students and Staff members

Erasmus+ mobility scholarships for USJ students and staff members are available for Freie Universität Berlin (FUB), in Germany.

These scholarships allow USJ staff members to benefit from a one-week mobility scholarship for training and its students to benefit from a mobility of one semester.
The scholarship covers:

  • The roundtrip flight ticket
  • The per diem of 160 € for the staff member and the monthly allowance of 800 € for students

Available scholarships for 2019-20:

  • 1 student mobility (Bachelor, Master or PhD) to be used before July 2020
  • 2 staff mobilities (teaching or training) to be used before July 2020

Application procedure for STUDENTS:

1. Check the host university's academic program and language of instruction on their website.

2. Choose your courses with the approval of your Director/Dean at USJ.

Regarding available courses in English:

Unfortunately, there is no website that would list all courses offered in English as an overview. The best would be to check the online course catalogue, which you will find here:

Most courses will be offered in German, but if you click on the button next to “search now” the field “advanced search” will appear. If you click on it, you find several options to limit your search results. Under “all languages”, you can choose English, for example, and under “All institutions”, you can select a department that you want to look at. Once you have made those two choices, the list of offered courses in this language in this department will appear.

Please note that the courses offered in the winter semester 2019/20 and summer semester 2020 not yet be published on the website. However, usually the courses offered are very similar to the ones in the last summer/winter semester, so you might want to look at those instead.

In addition, every semester, FUB offer courses in basic German and English in the field of German history, culture and society for exchange students only.

For more info, check:

3. Fill USJ’s outgoing mobility form available on our website:

4. Have it signed by your Director/Dean at USJ and send it to USJ’s international relations office located at the Rectorate, Damascus road.

5. USJ’s international relations team will send your NOMINATION to the host university.

6. Wait for FUB’s instructions on how to proceed with your application.

Application procedure for STAFF:

For training:

The staff week always takes place in the last two weeks of June, either the third or fourth week. The deadlines for application will be around January-February 2020. FUB will announce next year’s staff training week at the beginning of December 2019 with a preliminary program and will accept applications until middle of February.

Interested staff members will have to get in touch with USJ’s international relations office for more info.

For teaching:

1. Send an email to with your CV in English and a brief summary of what you would like to teach/do at the host university (course description/language of instruction/visits/meetings etc.)

2. The international relations team will then send your nomination to the host university who will then send you details on how to proceed with your application.

For further info, please contact or call 01-421 000 ext. 1275 - 1158