Deusto (Bilbao, Spain) Summer School 2019

Summer 2019

This summer, the University of Deusto is where the adventure begins!

What does haute cuisine have to do with the law? Is there a course on forecasting the future? Can finance be a summer topic? Which is the relationship between Elcano’s voyage and maritime safety today?

Experience a different summer: Courses to broaden your knowledge and share Bilbao’s cultural life and its breathtaking surroundings with people from different countries.

Check details on the following link:

USJ students can also benefit from special Deusto Summer School discounts.

How to apply?

Application procedure:

  1. Interested students should fill USJ’s outgoing mobility form and send it to the International relations office.
    PS: Students must also get their Dean's approval on whether or not the course they have chosen will be validated upon return at USJ. A written note by the Dean is a must.
  2. The international relations team will nominate them.
  3. Students will then have to proceed with the host university's application.

Please contact for further info or call 01-421 000 ext. 1275 - 1158